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Welcome to our website which aims to help parents select an independent (private) school in England, Wales and Scotland, suitable for their dyslexic child.

There is no shame in being dyslexic. Dyslexia simply means having difficulty with words. However, that does not mean that a dyslexic child cannot be effectively educated or become a success in life – Einstein, Leonardo da Vinci, Walt Disney, John Lennon and Richard Branson all suffer(ed) from dyslexia. In fact it is reckoned that 4% of the UK population are severely affected. Given that dyslexia is so widespread, why do schools not tackle the teaching issues effectively? Of course, education is a political football, whichever party is in power. Vast sums have been allocated to teach children with special educational needs (SEN) and many parents despair at what has happened to this funding. In many parts of the UK, support for SEN seems to be declining rather than expanding in State Schools. However, there are excellent private dyslexic schools in addition to the significant proportion of all independent schools with specific SEN support.

Unfortunately, private education can be expensive and specialist dyslexic support usually makes it more expensive. We regret that we only advise on private schools. We also advise on personal tuition for dyslexics.

In this website, we try to list all specialist independent dyslexic schools. There are also mainstream private schools with learning support for mild dyslexics. However some selective independent schools claim to admit dyslexic children but do not wish to publicise that fact in case it harms their other recruitment. You are encouraged to read our advice in our free downloadable eGuide “How to choose the right dyslexic school for your child” or use our expert consultancy service for school placement.

Most private schools want to see an Educational Psychologist’s report before considering a dyslexic child for admission. If you do not have one, we can introduce you to experienced Educational Psychologists.

Please use our webmail enquiry forms to contact us or simply phone on +44 (0) 1622 813870

This site is operated by Education Advisers Limited, which specialises in advice to parents and students on choice of independent schools and colleges. You may find out more about us by going to our corporate website www.educationadvisers.co.uk

Additionally we deal with most of the common SEN conditions on our other website www.best-sen-schools.co.uk